Positive Behavior Intervention Supports @ SES

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports @ SES
Posted on 01/28/2020
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PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. PBIS is not a program, but a proactive approach to improving school climate through positive means. Here are some examples below.

 School Rules: Showell Elementary School has four school rules, which center on the theme of respect – respect for self, others, learning and the environment. All SES students learn what the four school rules look like in all school settings. For example, students have been taught that they show respect for the environment at lunch by picking up their trash and throwing it away.

 Character Kid of the Month: Each month we will focus on one of the school rules. Classroom teachers will nominate two students who have exceeded expectations.  Following their nomination, these character kids of the month will sit at a special table at lunch with Ms. Shorts, Dr. Hansen, and Mr. Reid.  

 Willet Bills: Named after our school mascot (a sea bird), Willet Bills are given to students who are doing a good job following the school rules. Students in kindergarten through third grade are encouraged to save their Willet Bills. The students have an opportunity to periodically spend their bills at the school store. The store offers a combination of tangible items (ie. pencils, stuffed animals, and balls) and intangible items like reading to a PK student, private art lesson, extra recess, and getting to invite friends to eat at a special table (the Willet’s Nest) in the cafeteria.

 All of these initiatives are designed to make Showell Elementary School a great place to live and learn.

 If you should ever have any concerns about your child, please feel free to call me.

 Ed Reid, School Counselor

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