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Reading/Language Arts:
A great reading website.
Learning to read with stories, songs, jokes, games, and more.
Uses student's spelling words for that week to play a variety of games.
Folk and fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Read and hear interactive, narrated, animated stories.
With over thirty-five million books in print, Jan Brett is one of the nation's foremost author and illustrator of children's books. This site is full of activities related to her stories and characters.
Children can create their own online storybook.
Early Childhood reading site.

For basic math practice. Choose the state, then the subject (math) and either Math Expressions or the book with the 2007 copyright date.
A website to practice how shapes flip, slide, and turn.
Double digit addition and subtraction.
Math games that use addition, subtraction and multiplication.
This is an activity that uses pictures and students have to identify the fractions. There are also other math acitivies on this site.
This is a website where a student can enter their own information to create a graph.
Students enter numbers to finish a number sequence.
Students enter numbers to finish a number sequence counting by 5's.
Students match the digital clock time to the correct analog clock and try to do it in the fastest time possible. The game will keep track of how much time they took to complete the matching and then the students can go back and try to beat their time. This version uses 15 minute intervals.
Same game as above, matching the digital clock time to the correct analog clock in the fastest time possible. This version is more difficult and uses completely random times.
Read the time in words and then stop the clock when the hands are in the matching position. The hand speeds can be adjusted.
A comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic activities.

Science/Social Studies:
Welcome to, a great, safe place for your children to play and learn about how they can contribute to conserving our planet in their own special, unique way.
National Geographic for kids.
Interactive U.S. map game.
Explore the world with over 200 virtualfield trips featuring photos, videos and live webcams.

Uses music to promote learning across the curriculum to students of all ages.
The San Francisco Symphony in conjunction with their live performances, provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.
A fun drawing site which allows students to draw and playback their drawing actions.

Multiple Subject:
Thousands of FREE printable worksheets and activities for elementary subjects.
A site full of useful tools and information based on elementary topics.
A PBS partner, Funschool strives to stimulate learning while helping kids have fun. It encourages kids to play educational games and activities in a safe, family friendly environment, where entertainment and education go hand in hand.
Free online video activities for preschool children.
You'll find animated books, children's music, puzzles and games that entertain kids while promoting child literacy. 
A site that makes computers fun for kids & parents - online games and activities.
A wealth of activities can be found here to practice whatever skills your children are working on in the classroom.
Interactive computer skills through math and reading activities.
Activities are offered in the major subject areas for the elementary grades: math, language arts, science, social studies and the arts. All of the activities are based on educational standards and cover hundreds of topics.
Based on a TV character that originated in the UK. This show is aired daily on PBS. The website’s activities demonstrate the power of positive-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and follow-through.
Play online at this website for kids with games, music, cartoons and stories. 
BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students. For full access go to the Worcester County Public Library Resource page for full access using your library card number.